Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Campaign for PB 001 and Joining the Zouclougeist Alliance

Hi dear reader!

It has been a long time since I've last written here. I have made my way into the second circle of the healer's guild. Most recently I have been campaigning for the enactment of a new town ordinance which would make it more difficult to change the town name without popular consent. This ordinance would require any new proposed name to win three ballot questions on whether it should be the new name within in a four year period, winning these by simple majorities. The people of Puddleby have approved the ordinance by a very narrow margin (9 yeas to 7 noes). But I am glad we have this protection in place now.

Also, the other day I was accepted into the Zouclougeist Alliance! Arutha had joined the clan only a few days before, so we are the two newest members. I have never been in a clan before, and there is a feeling of belonging and excitement that being clanless doesn't bring. I am certain the teachings of the Emperor Duck will prove an invaluable tool for my goal of reaching spiritual enlightenment.


Sunday, March 16, 2008

Hi dear reader!

I have been doing well, and out of the library more often since declaring myself a healer. I have found it a great joy to have the ability to heal the hurts of my fellow exiles. The glow of the moonstone is a beautiful sight.

The other day I tagged along with Edge Lunos to a rescue on what I think is Metzetli Island. It was in a part of the ocean I had never encountered before. Once everyone was up, Edge and I got to go with the others on their hunt. It was very dangerous. There were a few times where Edge and I both fell and everyone scrambled to beat back the monsters for awhile. The most deadly seemed to be the Haremau Kitten. We headed back to town, and then I spent time with Geotzou and Borkiron.

Later there was an invasion of lava creatures. This started with fire bubbles appearing in town center. Eventually a kind of lava flower developed that seemed to mark the entrance of fire rats, lava walkers, and fire drakes. I hid in the temple at first, and then moved to the underground for awhile. The stronger exiles were able to thwart the lava invasion and free town again.


Sunday, February 24, 2008

Healer Gloria!

I have been wrapping up my background training, and the time finally came to go to Master Hekus with the bell, book, and candle that I'd gathered in order to receive a moonstone and become Healer Gloria! It all went fairly smoothly. I started the evening with a fine chat with Revelor in town center. I made sure to visit the three wise men again and listen to their advice about the virtues of Charity, Knowledge, and Spiritual Enlightenment to make sure I am truly committed to this path. Once Hekus gave me the moonstone, I tried healing myself a little bit. Healing seems a bit more complicated than I would have thought, but thankfully I am starting to my healing training so I should improve with time. I also took some time to explore the healing hall that I had new access to, and that was very exciting. I got to meet these teachers I had heard so much about, like Respia. Thanks to all the healers and others who've given me advice on this.


Wednesday, January 9, 2008

A First Entry and an Exotic Place

Well, I guess I should start a record of my doings in Puddleby. I have been exiled maybe for about a couple (ooc: ic) months now. I miss my mom and my friends from SFHC a lot. But the wonder and beauty of the Lok'Groton is not lost on me, and I have much to distract me when I get a bout of homesickness. I have tended to remain in town quite a bit, and that's fine with me. It seems that I meet new people every few days or so hanging around in the TC. Everyone is so nice and happy. It makes me forget about the mean Emperor sometimes.

The other day I was getting a yearning to see some place exotic, like those places mentioned about in the library scrolls. It seems that Super Chicken was headed to what I think is Gungla Island. Borkiron and Brahtz went with him for support, and I was able to accompany them. We did use boats to get there... but I guess there is no way around that right now. It was worth the boat trip. As we approached the island, Borkiron warned about the many sharp rocks that lay right off the coast. By some miracle, we all landed without incident!

The island was very beautiful, with a variety of terrains contained in it. This was exactly what I was meaning by exotic places! There were parts that seemed like tropical jungles, parts like dusty dead deserts, and also damp caves with luminescent fungus. There were the ruins of an ancient people scattered about, including statues, tools, and decrepit buildings. I witnessed the remarkable handiwork of the illusionist, Colmert, who I had read about in the library. It seems such beauty cannot be seen without also risking great dangers. There were many snakes and other monsters that threatened us (well, mainly me) every so often. The others worked hard to keep me safe and from falling. Borkiron offered some tactics to use in dangerous situations.

Well, thanks for reading everyone!