Sunday, February 24, 2008

Healer Gloria!

I have been wrapping up my background training, and the time finally came to go to Master Hekus with the bell, book, and candle that I'd gathered in order to receive a moonstone and become Healer Gloria! It all went fairly smoothly. I started the evening with a fine chat with Revelor in town center. I made sure to visit the three wise men again and listen to their advice about the virtues of Charity, Knowledge, and Spiritual Enlightenment to make sure I am truly committed to this path. Once Hekus gave me the moonstone, I tried healing myself a little bit. Healing seems a bit more complicated than I would have thought, but thankfully I am starting to my healing training so I should improve with time. I also took some time to explore the healing hall that I had new access to, and that was very exciting. I got to meet these teachers I had heard so much about, like Respia. Thanks to all the healers and others who've given me advice on this.