Sunday, March 16, 2008

Hi dear reader!

I have been doing well, and out of the library more often since declaring myself a healer. I have found it a great joy to have the ability to heal the hurts of my fellow exiles. The glow of the moonstone is a beautiful sight.

The other day I tagged along with Edge Lunos to a rescue on what I think is Metzetli Island. It was in a part of the ocean I had never encountered before. Once everyone was up, Edge and I got to go with the others on their hunt. It was very dangerous. There were a few times where Edge and I both fell and everyone scrambled to beat back the monsters for awhile. The most deadly seemed to be the Haremau Kitten. We headed back to town, and then I spent time with Geotzou and Borkiron.

Later there was an invasion of lava creatures. This started with fire bubbles appearing in town center. Eventually a kind of lava flower developed that seemed to mark the entrance of fire rats, lava walkers, and fire drakes. I hid in the temple at first, and then moved to the underground for awhile. The stronger exiles were able to thwart the lava invasion and free town again.