Wednesday, January 9, 2008

A First Entry and an Exotic Place

Well, I guess I should start a record of my doings in Puddleby. I have been exiled maybe for about a couple (ooc: ic) months now. I miss my mom and my friends from SFHC a lot. But the wonder and beauty of the Lok'Groton is not lost on me, and I have much to distract me when I get a bout of homesickness. I have tended to remain in town quite a bit, and that's fine with me. It seems that I meet new people every few days or so hanging around in the TC. Everyone is so nice and happy. It makes me forget about the mean Emperor sometimes.

The other day I was getting a yearning to see some place exotic, like those places mentioned about in the library scrolls. It seems that Super Chicken was headed to what I think is Gungla Island. Borkiron and Brahtz went with him for support, and I was able to accompany them. We did use boats to get there... but I guess there is no way around that right now. It was worth the boat trip. As we approached the island, Borkiron warned about the many sharp rocks that lay right off the coast. By some miracle, we all landed without incident!

The island was very beautiful, with a variety of terrains contained in it. This was exactly what I was meaning by exotic places! There were parts that seemed like tropical jungles, parts like dusty dead deserts, and also damp caves with luminescent fungus. There were the ruins of an ancient people scattered about, including statues, tools, and decrepit buildings. I witnessed the remarkable handiwork of the illusionist, Colmert, who I had read about in the library. It seems such beauty cannot be seen without also risking great dangers. There were many snakes and other monsters that threatened us (well, mainly me) every so often. The others worked hard to keep me safe and from falling. Borkiron offered some tactics to use in dangerous situations.

Well, thanks for reading everyone!